Veneer Selection

From our vast stocks of selected veneer species, our experienced staff are able to satisfy customer's varying requirements for specific grades, veneer widths, colour, grain structure and matching sets.




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Our experienced veneer selection team perform detailed selection procedures to ensure veneers are selected to customer's requirements according to colour, grain structure and specification; such as sequential matching sets, widths and continuity.


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Triesse have the facility to manufacture Laminated products to our customers chosen specifications.  Incorporating up to date designs, textures and colours from all the leading brand manufacturers.  Producing a range of practical and contemporary designs in both small and large production runs, in cut to size, C.N.C. or edged panels using the latest technology and processes.



Through Feed Ital Press

Fully automated and capable of pressing veneers or laminates on M.D.F., chipboard, plywoods and door cores, from cut to size panels upto 3,050mm x 1,525mm.  As an additional service Triesse provide a finishing sanding facility. Aga
in dependent on customer's requirements we are also capable of sanding cross grain veneered products.



Multi Daylight Press

Triesse has recently invested in a bespoke laminate press line to augment the existing press facilities, capable of producing bonded panels of up to 3,080 x 1,240mm, to service its customer’s requirements. Historically Triesse produced laminated panels on its’ main automated press line, but this meant changing adhesives and extra down time. The new press line which runs in parallel with the main veneer line means that Triesse can now offer a quick turn around on specialist laminated product too whilst not impacting on press efficiency and production volume.




1.    Service - We supply quality veneered and laminated boards and can provide specific component panels in cut sizes to meet individual customer's requirements.

2.    Flexibility - Our extensive range of over 100,000 veneer lay-ons, including both long grain and short grain veneers, means that we can tailor our stock to match customer's requirements selected for grade colour and structure.

3.    Stock Range - We hold on site an extensive range of veneer lay-ons sourced from around the world and can supply from stock most popular door sizes and standard lay-on sizes of 3,050mm / 2,440mm x 1,220mm. Also held in stock are large quantities of veneered boards in most commonly used species, board thickness and sizes. Stocked boards are all to a high commercial grade.

4.      H & S Environment - As we purchase our veneers at source we can ensure that our veneers are provided from sustainable FSC and chain of custody accredited sources.